cooking night

skate wing – saffron marsala reduction – grilled ramp – fiddlehead


softshell crab dashi – roasted brussels sprouts – poashed egg – toasted sesame


grilled rhubarb – black pepper miso caramel – whipped cream


Collaboration between Young Chefs and East Boston YMCA featured by America’s Test Kitchen

We are excited to see Cook’s Science of America’s Test Kitchen feature the amazing collaboration between Young Chefs Program: From Cooking to Science and East Boston YMCA that brought our hands-on curriculum tot he East Boston community. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible.

See the article here:

The New Afterschool Science: Ice Cream Special“, by America’s Test Kitchen. Published on Cook’s Science website.


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steamed wild mussel / ginger beer / toasted nori & sesameshadroe1

cumin/beer battered calamari / pickled green tomato and cilantro / smoked bonito flake


shad roe / grilled ramps / lemon horseradish brown butter / watercress


local whiting / pecorino asparagus serum / caramelized garlic / fiddleheads


local scup ceviche / castelvetrano olive / jalapeno / fermented yuzu


slow-baked rhubarb/ black pepper miso butterscotch / pistachio & raspberry


Wrapping up collaboration between Young Chefs and East Boston YMCA

A great way to end the collaboration between Young Chefs Program: From Cooking to Science and East Boston YMCA: the chefs from America’s Test Kitchen teach the science of ice cream and phase changes. During the 10-week program, students have explored a range of lesson plans from out curriculum (, learning everything from the chemistry of chili peppers to crystal formation in chocolate. Today students made their own ice cream in a ziplock bag – one group made toasted sesame-cinnamon (!). Excited for this new generation of chef-scientists!

Cooking with friends visiting Boston

spring vegetables – zaatar – tahini


polenta – bluefish garlic emulsion – golden zucchini slaw – pickled cubanelle


countneck clams – fennel – kelp – roasted tomato


squid – togarashi – edamame – avocado – yuzu red cabbage slaw


local bluefish cured with fennel seed – roasted fig – pistacchio – blood orange